Optimizing life for adults with mental illness & developmental disabilities


Providing peace of mind to families with adults with mental illness or developmental disabilities.

PLAN of Georgia is a non profit organization based in metro Atlanta that was created by families to help other families challenged by a common concern:

How can we best plan for the present and future care of a family member living with mental illness or developmental disabilities?

PLAN of Georgia works with families to provide the best quality 

of life possible for their loved ones in the present and 

throughout their lifetime.

We assist individuals 18 years of age and older with severe and persistent mental illness; those with intellectual disabilities; and the at-risk elderly (i.e., people over 65 who are experiencing compromised functioning, impairments in thinking and memory and organization difficulties.)  We provide continuity of care through care management, which includes  coordination and connection to vital resources, ongoing monitoring and  advocacy. We help provide medical, financial and social stability. PLAN works with the existing service providers to provide excellent care for your loved one. We help you take back the role of family member versus caregiver.

PLAN of Georgia can help in the following ways:

  • Assist clients in finding quality housing
  • Assist clients in obtaining public benefits, such as Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps an reduced fare transportation
  • Provide assistance with money management, including serving as Social Security representative payee
  • Assist with grocery shopping and meal planning
  • Manage comprehensive healthcare services
  • Monitor mental status and address changes
  • Monitor medications and side effects
  • Arrange educational and vocational rehabilitation services
  • Coordinate transportation, recreation and personal needs
  • Provide legal aid including helping to obtain counsel, arrange bail, release and visitation of incarcerated clients
  • Make regular visits to assess client’s needs
  • Intervene in matters related to self-care, psychiatric consultation needs and/or hospitalization

PLAN of Georgia also guides clients through the complex medical and mental health care system for the disabled, a system that is becoming increasingly difficult even for a well-functioning individual to navigate. We maintain and coordinate  services with:

  • Social workers
  • Psychiatrists and counselors
  • Medical and hospital personnel
  • Mental health center case managers
  • Attorneys
  • Trustees, banks and other service providers

PLAN of Georgia can also serve as your Trust Advocate. If your family member is a beneficiary of a trust, the role of Trustee can be complex. PLAN’s care managers have a one-on-one relationship with their clients, and a deep understanding of their needs. This allows PLAN to help Trustees by providing guidance and expertise including how best to use trust funds to care for the person, and what other resources may be available in the community. If you don't have a trust set up, but would like to, PLAN can also connect you with attorneys and Professional Trustees who can work together to put a Special Needs Trust plan in place. 

Could your family benefit from PLAN of Georgia’s services? Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your needs.