Optimizing life for adults with mental illness & developmental disabilities



How much will these services cost? How are they billed?

There is an hourly rate of $90 for care management and $45 for travel time, charged by the quarter hour. Monthly statements will list the date, length of time and details of each session. There is no minimum or maximum number of hours. You choose how much, or how little, you want PLAN to help with your loved one. PLAN does not take insurance.

Are there age restrictions or anything that would disqualify someone from PLAN's services?

PLAN of Georgia assists individuals 18 years of age and older in metro Atlanta with severe and persistent mental illness; those with intellectual disabilities; and the at-risk elderly (i.e., people over 65 who are experiencing compromised functioning, impairments in thinking and memory and organization difficulties.) PLAN cannot accept anyone who is presently a danger to themselves and/or others. 

How is PLAN different from other services at home and in the community?

Services at home and in the community provide living assistance and medical care to disabled individuals through caregivers who may, or may not, be registered nurses. PLAN of Georgia specializes in the care of individuals living with mental illnesses, developmental disabilities or at-risk elderly. Our care managers are licensed Master's level mental health professionals with collectively 50 years of experience. PLAN of Georgia offers long-term care for a loved one with mental illness via a contract made with his or her family. We assure that your loved one can be cared for, even after you are gone.  

What is the intake process and steps to arranging a program of care?

Step 1: An initial informational phone conversation

Step 2: A free in-person consultation with the family

Step 3: An intake meeting with the  family and the prospective client after which the intake paperwork is  completed, and an informed consent is signed

Step 4: A life care plan is  developed. This can be either a) a long-term care plan to include quarterly meetings with the client and a PLAN clinician for rapport building and continued evaluation and update or b) immediate provision of service for those in current need of care management.

Step 5: The care plan is a living  document which is updated over time. The goal is to manage finances in  order to provide perpetual care while supporting the individual in achieving maximum psychological and physical health as well as  independence and quality of life.

Does PLAN provide housing?

PLAN of Georgia does not provide housing but can assist clients in their search for appropriate living situations. PLAN has access to a wide range of resources both public and private that provide arrangements for those living with a mental disability. 

What can PLAN of Georgia help with?

PLAN of Georgia can:

  • Assist clients in finding quality housing
  • Assist clients in obtaining public benefits, such as Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps and reduced fare transportation
  • Provide assistance with money management, including serving as social security representative payee
  • Assist with grocery shopping and meal planning
  • Manage comprehensive healthcare services
  • Monitor medications and side effects
  • Arrange educational and vocational rehabilitation services
  • Coordinate transportation, recreation and personal needs
  • Provide legal aid including helping to obtain counsel, arrange bail, release and visitation of incarcerated clients
  • Make regular visits to assess clients needs

Can PLAN help with Trust Advocacy?

Yes! PLAN's care managers can provide trustee support due to their one-on-one relationship with their clients which gives them a deep understanding of their needs. This allows PLAN to help Trustees by providing guidance and expertise including how best to use trust funds to care for the person, and what other resources may be available in the community. PLAN makes detailed reports of general expenses and services to the Trustee. If you don't currently have a Trust, but are interested in starting one, PLAN can connect clients’ families with attorneys and Professional Trustees who can work together to put a Special Needs Trust plan in place.