Optimizing life for adults with mental illness & developmental disabilities



Personalized Service. Tailored care. Planned Protection.

If a member of your family is living with a mental health diagnosis or developmental disability, the Planned Lifetime Assistance Network (PLAN) of Georgia can be your resource for quality care both now and the future. PLAN of Georgia, a non profit organization, fee-based organization in metro Atlanta, can help you manage the multiple demands of successful care giving.  We assist individuals 18 years of age and older with severe and persistent mental illness; those with intellectual disabilities; and the at-risk elderly (i.e., people over 65 who are experiencing compromised functioning, impairments in thinking and memory and organization difficulties).  We seek to improve and continue providing the type and quality of support that you currently provide your family member by advocating for the family and their loved one and helping families plan for ongoing care for the lifetime of their family member.

PLAN of Georgia will meet the needs of your family no matter what stage you are in your journey. Families in an initial crisis may need help finding resources and putting order back into their lives. Others may be having difficulty combining the ordinary demands of life with those of caring for their family member. Some families want to be certain that someone will care for their loved ones when they are no longer able to do so themselves. 


Our History

PLAN of Georgia is a non profit organization created by families to help other families in metro Atlanta challenged by a common concern: how can we best plan for the present and future care of a family member living with a serious mental illness or developmental disability?  PLAN of Georgia is an affiliate of the National Plan Alliance, the  umbrella organization for 18 affiliates in 22 states. Visit the National Plan Alliance website for more information. 


Our Mission

Planned Lifetime Assistance (PLAN) of Georgia provides care management, financial management and other customized services to optimize the quality of life for adults with psychiatric and developmental disabilities and their families. 

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