Optimizing life for adults with mental illness & developmental disabilities

PLAN of Georgia’s Protocol during the COVID-19 Crisis

 Out of an abundance of caution, PLAN of Georgia is currently limiting 

in-person contact with our clients and instead will be conducting meetings remotely via teleconference unless there is an urgent need for a personal visit. Those visits will take place in open air locations whenever possible and along with staff, clients are required to 

take the following precautions both outdoors and when riding in 

a staff member’s car:

· Wear face masks (which PLAN can supply at the time if necessary)

· Wash hands and use hand sanitizer prior to the meeting

· Practice adequate social distancing

Other services including making sure medications and supplies are ordered and delivered, bill paying, and providing checks/funds when necessary will continue. Our goal in instituting these measures is to protect both clients and staff as well as to ensure the health and safety of our families and the community at large from the spread of COVID-19.

Moving forward, PLAN will continue to reevaluate these procedures as the COVID-19 situation unfolds over the coming weeks and months.